Peacocks in Canada Are Attacking Luxury Cars Since They Can’t Deal With Their Reflections

In Canada wild peacocks are either dealing with an existential crisis on the whole, or they cannot handle their reflections.

Inhabitants of Surrey in British Columbia are facing problems with the feral peacocks wandering in their neighborhoods. Apart from being loud, the feathered creatures keep charging at fancy vehicles in the area.

Ryan Cragg, a resident of Sullivan Heights, told CTV that the peacocks can see their reflection quite clearly with the darker colored automobiles, so they mistake their reflection as another peacock and start attacking the vehicle. These vandals will go for the pronto panel, the side panel, the rear panel before working around to the other side of the car.

The outcome? Thousands of dollars worth of damage, and all because of a creature’s mirage.

This ongoing issue grabbed media’s attention last month when a frustrated resident, Parm Brar, hacked down a tree where the peafowl had built a nest. Brar received a $1000 fine for chopping down the tree without a permit.

While locals become increasingly exasperated, the City of Surrey maintains it cannot do anything. Although officials continue to issue fines to anyone who feeds the animals, the Wildlife Act of Canada does not apply to peacocks. Therefore there is no explicit law for tackling this issue.

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