Once Upon A Time Creators Reveal The Reason Behind the Series Finale Bittersweet Ending

As the creators of Once Upon a Time, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz promised the viewers a couple of months back, the final episode of the series would not be about binding up everything in a bow, but it will be about hearing the song once more. It is clear that the Storybrooke book can unquestionably be opened up again whenever ABC feels it is needed. Kitsis had also told the fans back in February that if his pitch for a season 8 would be kept in reserve for the reunion when ABC approaches them in the coming two years.

Kitsis added that they went over the sixth act of the season finale around 200 times before getting the final one. Unfortunately, Rumpelstiltskin did not survive by the end of this critically acclaimed series. However, it was still a happy ending just like the rest of the fairytale characters the fans have come to know and adore over the seven preceding seasons. The final episode of this famous fantasy drama show was titled “Leaving Storybrooke,” and it was aired on Friday.

The episode revealed a bittersweet ending where to save everyone else, Robert Carlyle’s Rumplestiltskin had to sacrifice himself in a fight against himself. It was a difficult choice to make because he knew that sacrificing himself would mean losing any possibility of reuniting with his true love Belle. However, he sacrificed himself, and he reunited with Belle in the afterlife.

The final villain Rumple redeemed himself in the finale and became the hero. His death brought about a chain of reactions. Rumple’s sacrifice also gave Regina, played by Lana Parrilla, the inspiration to rebuild the Dark Curse.  However, this time a small flake of everybody’s heart to reconstruct it. This brought the entire Storybrooke realms together rather than separating them for eternity.

However, finalizing the last episode on the page was not an easy task. Horowitz and Kitsis went over the particulars of the ending several times before choosing the final product which the viewers saw on the small screen. This unexpected ending rocked the series’ fans completely.

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