Evan Rachel Wood Explains The Horrible Twist in Westworld

If you have not yet watched the episode five of Westworld, Akane No Mai, kindly be wary of spoilers ahead.

In the latest episode of HBO’s Westworld, Dolores Abernathy, played by Rachel Wood, made a decision which left the fans shocked, mystified, and intrigued. “To grow, we all need to suffer.” This is the byline which resonated through this episode and was actualized when Dolores decided to transform her innocent lover Teddy Flood.


Dolores’ world is getting increasingly complicates, and she wants everybody to bring their A-game, including Teddy Flood. Therefore, she orders the complete transformation of her sweet and innocent lover.

After a passionate night, she entices Teddy into a barn where she declares that if he wants to join her in the upcoming war, he needs to be different. Over the course of the first five episodes of the second season, several fans saw this plot twist coming.

It is not yet known how Teddy’s personality has changed. We will have to find that out in the coming episodes. However, a few changes have already been captured by a Reddit user and they are not sweet. If you are mad with Dolores for making this latest decision, then you are not the only one. Rachel wood struggled with this horrible twist herself. She found it hard to shoot the scene.

Musing over the day of the shoot, she confessed that she could not stop crying. Since she loved Teddy, she would walk away and start crying after each take. It is not known whether these changes will be permanent. Maybe Teddy’s transformation is temporary, and he will return after the battle ends.

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