Deadpool 2 Bags Second Best Tuesday For An R-Rated Movie

It hasn’t even been a week since Deadpool 2 hit the theaters, but it is already breaking box office records. Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool 2 just nabbed the 2nd best Tuesday at the box office for an R-rated picture.

As reported by Deadline, this 20th Century Fox movie easily earned an estimated $12.4 million, as compared to the $12 million Monday earning. The Omen, a 2006 horror movie, has the highest Tuesday gross at the box office of all time because of the marketing ploy of releasing it on that day (6/6/6).

The Tuesday earning is an impressive benchmark, and Deadpool 2 is undoubtedly living up to the massive box office success of its precursor. This title made a whopping $176 million from international markets and broke the original Deadpool’s record for the biggest international opening in the history.

Moreover, Deadpool 2 broke opening day box office record for an R-rated flick. Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth brought in $53.3 million on the first day of its release at the box office. Additionally, it also smashes the box office records with $18.6 million early Thursday night previews.

Apart from making a lot of money and shattering box office records, Deadpool 2 is a critically-well received title.

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