Child Spotted at Swinger’s Club Party Turns Out To Be A Short Woman

Police in County Durham was called to CLubF, a swingers club, after they received a report from a concerned neighbor that a child was spotted entering the venue. The police were left red in the face when, after arriving at the crime scene- a notorious swingers’ club, they realized that the child was actually a very short adult woman.

When a well-meaning neighbor saw what she believed to be a child entering the adult venue on High Street, Stanley, she immediately alerted the authorities. However, when the authorities arrived at the scene of the crime, they found that there were no children inside the hotel named ClubF, instead, the person was just a short party-goer.

A representative of Durham Constabulary stated that the Police were alerted at around 9 PM on 16 July 2015 that a child was seen entering an adult venue. The Police spoke to the staff at the venue who confirmed that the “child” was an adult woman who was one of their customers.

The swingers’ club boasts a fully equipped S&M dungeon, spa, mistress, pole dancing facilities and many hotel rooms. As reported by ChronicleLive, police have been called to this club around 20 times since 2015.


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