5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps for Your Smartphone

WhatsApp Messenger has become the most popular messaging app these days. With every new update the app is becoming more popular. With its launch the app has gained enough popularity and niche in the market. Still, everyone doesn’t seem to be happy with WhatsApp for various reasons one of them is, now WhatsApp shares the user data with Facebook. Also, WhatsApp doesn’t even consider the secure app, hence, if you are looking for more secure app than WhatsApp then take a look at its alternatives:

Telegram Messenger:

Telegram is one of the most latest and well-known app than WhatsApp. It gives a great competition to the WhatsApp and other competitive apps. Packed with various exclusive features Telegram Messenger enables the user to stay connected with friends and family. It’s easy to make the voice and video calls through the app.


Wire is the fresh and new messaging app that one should give a try. For its amazing interface it has gained much fame amongst the user. Featured rich this app is easy to use and user-friendly. It’s easy to send message and generate calls via this app.

Google Allo:

Google has launched an all new messaging app known as Allo, an ideal alternative of WhatsApp. One of the best Google Assistant is well known for its user-friendliness. It allows using Google Assistant get the information on news, weather, flights, nearby places and much more.


Another neck-to-neck app that gives strong competition to WhatsApp is Viber. The app proffers end-to-end encryption in messages, calls and share media, allows you to make voice and video calls but the app is a step forward with Viber standout feature that allows you to make international calls to non-viber users at reasonable rates.


LINE is a cross-platform messaging app an ideal alternate of WhatsApp which is packed with several features. Though some of the features of WhatsApp and LINE are common yet LINE offers standout sticker store and much more. The app is also featured with timeline through which you can update status and change photo from your friends.

In this competitive world competition has gone tough and thus various companies are launching various messaging apps. But not all the apps are ideal to use, choose the appropriate app that runs smoothly on your phone.