Tiger’s Presence At Miami High School Prom Garners Backlash and an Apology

When Christopher Columbus High School (CCHS) in Miami decided “Welcome to the Jungle” as the theme for prom, it chose to include the king of the jungle to make it more real. This high school in Florida crossed all limits of absurdity when it brought a caged tiger to the jungle-themed prom night.

This private all-boys Catholic school held its prom at DoubleTree hotel on Friday. Two days later, video of the caged feline started to gather people’s attention.

Mari-Cris Castellanos, a woman whose sibling is a student at Christopher Columbus High School, said in a Facebook post that the vulnerable exotic animal was used to amuse the ignorant high school students who attended the prom.

David Pugh, the school Principal, said that in retrospect he feels apologetic about getting animals to the prom night. He added that the wild animal was neither in danger nor compelled to give a performance. Moreover, the handlers of the tigers were present throughout.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, was outraged at the feline’s appearance at the prom night. They told NBC 6 that wild creatures should not be used as prom accessories. Having a tiger perform at a high school prom and letting teenagers handle lemurs is not only animal cruelty but also unsafe for the people present. PETA added that this act sends out the wrong message that live animals are merely props to be used for human entertainment.


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