30+ Premium iPhone and Smartphone Mockups

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and so are the apps that come with these phones. If you are an app developer or mobile site designer, you will want to take a look at these 30+ premium iPhone and smartphone mockups. So, what exactly is a mockup? As a developer, you continuously test your apps and site on various parameters of performance and usability. While writing the codes on your computer, you will want to avoid testing on the mobile device as it will be a big hassle and will also consume more time. Instead, you will want to use a mockup, which helps you preview the design exactly the way it will appear on iPhone or other smartphone.

Finding the right mock-ups is not always easy. This is why we have spared you the effort and catalogued these top mock-ups you can use for your business. These mock-ups have been specifically designed to make things easier for the developers so that they can meet the client targets and offer product delivery on time. Whether you are looking for an iPhone mockup, iPad mockup or Android mockup, you will find it all here. Go ahead and explore!

Phone 6 Mock-Up

Impress your clients with this stunning iPhone mockup. This template features six high-quality presentations that are all fully layered for easier customization. And with the hands on separate layers, you can easily switch out the background for more options.

Display your passions with this amazing business-themed mockup. This template features one fully editable Photoshop file at an impressive 3088 x 2056 pixels. Reflect your entrepreneurial spirit with a modern design featuring a cool, coffee-shop vibe.

Win over anyone with this stunning iPhone mockup. A great way to display your website or app, this template features 10 Photoshop files with separate backgrounds and so much more! Choose from additional lighting options like turning off the lights with this super convenient download.

Show off your designs in real-life scenarios. This unique mockup presents six different Photoshop files with incredible photo-realistic environments. Plug in your work to the designated smart objects to enjoy this mockup after your download.

Rival the competition with this luxurious mockup template. This template features sleek and sophisticated images to enhance your products with style. With six Photoshop files ready for you, explore multiple scenes to find the right one for you!

If you’re an Apple lover then you’ll definitely want to grab this iPhone mockup set! This set includes fully layered vector mockups created in Adobe Photoshop. Choose from three amazing designs for clean, outlined, and detailed options perfect for your next project.

With all the iPhone items on this list, we definitely haven’t forgotten about Android users! Feast your eyes on this exceptional Android mockup, perfect for the promotion of any website, app, or business. These photo-realistic mockups were made with a standard DSLR camera for eight different scenes you can easily adjust.

Rock your next presentation with this amazing Android phone mockup. Specifically made to show off your creative apps, this template features high-resolution files, multiple angles, and a help guide to get better previews.

Need a mockup with colorful backgrounds? Then check out this awesome iPhone template. This template features 14 Photoshop files of photographed and retouched images of exceptional quality. Easily change the colors of any background and enjoy the detailed user guide for more information.

Choose from seven creative phone layouts with pixel-perfect images. This mockup template also features fully editable colors, four predefined colors, and smart objects that allow for easy customization. Get premium quality for one amazing price!

Love flat design? Explore what your apps would look like with this cool 3D smartphone mockup. This design features five fully editable Photoshop files with 11 different views of the iPhone. Also included is a helpful PDF file to guide you to success.

Created completely from scratch, these stunning Photoshop mockups feature the iPhone 6s in all its gold glory. Just place your design in one of the well-organized smart objects to enjoy your design in seconds! And with an incredible lighting scheme, you’re sure to love this mockup from any angle.

Create an awesome focal point for your presentation. This wonderful mockup features a cool Android phone across a white keyboard for a stylish composition. Choose from eight different mockups that are easy to use for photo-realistic results.

With a set of six different perspectives, this mockup template provides extraordinarily realistic designs for your mockup needs. Easily adjust the depth of field and lighting, or switch out the background for unlimited options.

Professional product mockups create sophisticated ways to present your work with style. And this smartphone mockup is certainly no different. Included in this template are four Photoshop files with six different backgrounds and several phone colors. Download this template today to set your work apart on any crowded marketplace.

Blow your next presentation out of the water with this professional smartphone mockup. This awesome template turns your flat interface into a 3D mockup for a unique presentation. With four levels of screens, you can customize each level with a different component of your UI design.

Save time and money with this simple smartphone mockup. This template features an Android-based design, with 13 high-resolution scenes. Simply update the photos with your own work to enjoy this template today!

Show off your creative process with this fun photo mockup. Designed with a sketchbook, coffee, and yummy treats, this mockup features several predefined color effects and a high-resolution image. Since the scene is a photo, please keep in mind that the objects are not movable in this mockup.

If you’re looking for stunning vector-based smartphone designs, then look no further! Check out this amazing set of iPhone 7 vector mockups. This set features five beautiful colors ranging from rose gold to silver and so much more. Get access to well-organized files at 300 dpi for outstanding resolution.

Create an elegant presentation for your business ventures with this amazing pack of iPhone 6 mockups. This package includes a vector-traced iPhone 6 with incredibly realistic details. Easily switch between three different color options and amazing blurred backgrounds you can quickly detach.

Updated with the latest iPhone 7, this mockup set is packed with 13 incredible files. Enjoy amazing premade scenes where you can easily swap out the backgrounds for one of your choice. Originally created in Adobe Photoshop, these designs feature brilliant details and so much more!

Smartphone mockups can get a little lonely. Introduce another device like an elegant laptop to complete your modern design. Great for all the Mac lovers out there, this template features six Photoshop files with separate phone and screen placeholders.

The beauty of any mockup is that it reflects real-life scenarios. With this mockup set, enjoy four Photoshop files with organized layers, several color options, and more. Forget about paying for expensive professional photography when you can easily match your branding with one simple download!

Featuring the latest phones from leading manufactures, this set includes 20 exceptionally detailed smartphones. Each phone has been carefully crafted to showcase just the right amount of style and detail with fully editable layers you can customize. Also included are three basic backgrounds for your convenience.

Need a mockup template with a lot more flexibility? Then you’ll definitely love this flexible smartphone design. This template features high-resolution 3D mockups with editable logos, backgrounds, and lighting. Create a one-of-a-kind viewing experience and download this template today!

Calling all Android lovers! Get an exquisite design that is fully scalable with this amazing Android mockup. Created solely out of vector shapes in Photoshop, this brilliant package includes the phone in various angles as well as the stunning abstract background.

Work like a boss with this professional mockup that allows you to edit your designs easily. Built from the ground up, this 100% fully editable design features two format versions with well-organized layers for quick navigation. Download today to use this template in either Adobe Photoshop or Sketch.

Mockup bundles are a great way to save time and money. And with this bundle you can choose between several different smartphone designs with front and back sides available. Get an array of wicked angles and explore various colors to find the one that fits your style.

Download a mockup that matches your sleek and sophisticated brand. This template features eight single phone layouts that can work with any background. Each phone has a front and back option and even protection stickers for more realism.

Update your designs to the latest iPhone device. This cool package features seven different mockup scenes that explore a variety of angles and compositions. Enjoy the easy-to-use Smart Objects and an additional PDF for more helpful instructions.

An urban alternative to its sophisticated version, this mockup template features an Android device with a beautiful bokeh background. This set also includes six Photoshop files with stunning street elements that make your brand shine.