20+ Premium Exquisite Crest Logos

Your logo must look as splendid as your company. The logo is the key aspect of any brand’s identity. We have hunted down the web to find 20+ Premium Exquisite Crest Logos to help you get the ideal match for your brand. What’s better is that you can avoid all the stress and hassle just by downloading the best crest logo to suit your business needs.

Crest logos are deep-rooted in symbolism. These logos are often designed with the inspiration from the intricate crests made during the medieval time in Europe. Their fundamental composition typically includes a scroll, shield or two mirrored figure of animals. However, designs may vary to incorporate any swanky details to go with the main crest. The sense of tradition and majesty makes these logos sophisticated and they make a strong statement.

A logo is particularly essential for brand recognition, endorsements and much more. No matter your preferences, crest logos are great for building your new brand.

In this compilation of incredible premium designs, we are featuring 20+ exquisite crest logos that exude an air of elegance. With these stunning crest logos, you can show the world that you’re the leader of your industry. Pick one of these amazing logos to kick-start your business.

Show the world you’re the king or queen of your industry with this exquisite crest logo. Designed with a perfect balance of angular and curvy details, this logo is sure to impress all future clients. Kick-start your next business with an awesome brand by downloading this package.

Exude an air of elegance and class with this divine Moscovita logo. A simple design for those who love circular logos, these unique elements can be open to almost any interpretation. Create a lovely backstory to match your new brand and download this vector logo today!

Create an elite brand with this classy bird logo. This design features a fierce eagle mascot soaring out of a crowned shield. A reflection of supreme elegance and sophistication, this logo is perfect for your real estate, fashion, or luxury business.

If the town of Alexandria needed a logo in The Walking Dead, then perhaps this would be their brand! Featuring a gorgeous minimalist design, this crest highlights the first letter of your company and surrounds it with fluid wreath details. It’s a great symbol of power and authority, so enjoy this high-resolution logo for your business.

Need an elegant logo for your business? Then check out this pretty crest logo featuring a fluid, curvy design. Use this identity in either horizontal or vertical orientation, and update the wording with your brand name for a print-ready logo design.

This super-fresh D vintage logo is a perfect mix of street and classic crest aesthetics. Use it as the trademark for your tattoo shop or creative business and customize it easily with the fully layered Illustrator file. Keep the bold yellow color or switch it up with a new one to make it your own.

Rule the kingdom with this powerful lion crest logo. Front and center is a ferocious lion with minimalist crest details to complement the overall design. Download this package to get access to alternative black and white versions, including an inverted white logo.

Show off your patriotism with this military-inspired crest logo. Designed with several red stars and a bold wingspan, this logo is perfect for any nonprofit or military-affiliated business. Enjoy three separate colored versions and completely resizable vector details.

Create a legendary brand with this awesome logo design. Great for creative companies and more, this logo features a subtle color palette with an alternative brown version. Celebrate your creative talents with a brand that matches your interests!

Dominate the local real estate industry with this super professional crest logo. Featuring fluid, curvy lines, this logo will add instant grandeur to all your marketing materials. Download this template to get a high-resolution file with fully resizable vector elements.

Crown your new business with an amazing brand identity. This stunning logo is the perfect mix of classic crest aesthetics paired with modern, fluid lines. Included in this package is a 100% free font that can be used for commercial use and alternative colored versions to make your brand stand out.

Launch your new boutique with a beautiful logo to match! This lovely crest features a simple centered letter, balanced out with circular details for the ultimate in elegance and style. Easily change the size, text, or colors to make the most out of this brand identity.

Whoever Hubbert is, he certainly has great taste in logos! This awesome logo design features a modern take on a traditional crest. With delicately designed lions and beautiful shield details, you’ll definitely want to have this logo to represent your brand. Ideal for any restaurant or real estate business.

Are you a huge sports fan? Then launch a fun sports club with this awesome soccer crest logo. It’s designed with a bright green shield, soccer ball, and simplistic typefaces, so you’ll definitely rule the area with this cool brand. Download this vector file to get access to an alternative black and white version.

Do you have an adventurous brand? Take your clients on a journey with this wickedly colorful crest logo. This brand identity features a unique design with three bold hot air balloons hovering over an evergreen landscape. Simply update the company name and add a clever brand slogan to make your company memorable!

Perfect for the luxury industry, this elegant logo template exudes great taste and style. It can be easily applied to many genres of business including restaurants, hotels, and luxury stores. Enjoy the clean, elegant design that can be easily customized with your favorite colors!

Need a logo with some bite? Then check out this awesome snake design. This design features a fierce serpent mascot surrounded by classic crest details. Included in this download are several Illustrator and EPS files with six color variations to choose from.

Create an awesome brand identity that the locals will love to rep! Introducing this wicked team logo, a package that includes a soccer-themed design with bold shield details and clean sans-serif fonts. Customize this logo easily to represent your local team.

Inspired by the strong gladiator helmets used in medieval Europe, this logo features a minimalist design with standard crest details. A crown, shield, banner, and pair of swords accompany this design for an overall logo that exudes power and status.

This wonderful logo series packs a punch, with ten incredible crest logos we’re sure you’ll love. Mix and match your favorite elements to create the logo of your dreams. And because it’s super easy to customize, you’ll be able to edit these vector files in no time at all!

Dominate any industry with this sublime logo design. This beautiful logo features a bold, gold color scheme that also looks great in black and white! Get access to additional font links and more in this quick download.

Get six amazing crest logos for the price of one! Featuring stunning minimalist designs, these logos highlight your company’s name and tagline with style. Enjoy clean vector details you can easily edit in an easy-to-use Adobe Illustrator file.

Who wouldn’t want a dragon in their logo? This awesome design features a powerful red dragon with simple shield and crown details. This print-ready file can be updated easily with any text, colors, or tagline you desire!

Or keep it simple with this minimalist Monroe crest logo. Switch out the center letter for the one that matches your brand, and enjoy this beautiful logo complete with two-toned colors and curvy swashes.

Become an industry leader with this bold Aramid logo. The perfect logo for any consultant, investment, or marketing business, this brand exudes strength and power. Enjoy the incredible metallic design with customizable elements in one easy-to-use Illustrator file.