In A Viral Video Woman Drinks Dog’s Urine Claiming It Cleared Her Acne

This news will come as a relief for all those who worry about taking their dog out for their nature’s call. Seemingly, your dog’s urine could help your skin and help cure depression. In fact, bottle and sell it to make big money. Confused?

In a stomach-turning viral video on social media that shows a female, identified as Lynn Lew, drinking her own dog’s urine claims that apart from significantly helping her get rid of acne, it has also treated her depression.

This dog loving woman, whose face is caked with makeup in the video, claims that drinking her canine buddy’s fresh warm piss helped in giving her skin a healthier glow.

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In the revolting clip, she also wrongly states that consuming dog piss can help in fighting cancer.

In the footage, we see the woman walking a pup to a tree and then putting a container under the dog. When the cup gets full, she gulps the bubbly piss and even passes her tongue over the rim of the container.

After downing the dog urine, she says that drinking dog piss has helped her with depression and acne. She claims that dog piss is rich in retinol, tocopherol, and calcium.

While it may seem like a placebo that apparently works for here, her claim does not rest on any scientific base. Therefore, it is strongly recommended: Please do not try this at home.

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