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15 Best HTML5 Audio Players for Developers

As far as web designing trends are concerned, HTML5 is a leading trend this year and rightfully so. HTML5 is an advanced version of old HTML for developing and publishing content on the web. It has cool new features including Audio/Video support. It’s exciting and easy to use and better than any other version that

12 Awesome CSS Button Libraries & Collections

CSS buttons, whatever their purpose, play an important role in web designing. They could be used at the endpoint of a Web form, to add products to shopping carts, as a call to action or to learn more about a service. Designers have many reasons to add stunning buttons, including to make them more attractive

10+ Free & Premium Fitness Gym Website Templates

Here is a complete list of best free and premium fitness gym website templates. All these website themes have vast features and are highly customizable. Especially in a gym website or a fitness website there must be certain features like trainer pages, diet schedules, exercise schedule, contact forms etc. You can find various gym website

30+ Dazzling Examples Of Isometric Designs

Don’t we just love 3d drawings and designs? Well, who doesn’t?  However, not everyone is aware that Isometric drawing is the key to creating 3d designs. Isometric drawing is perhaps the least cumbrous way of making a three-dimensional drawing. We have painstakingly dug out 30 Dazzling Examples of Isometric Designs that you can check out

20+ Premium Exquisite Crest Logos

Your logo must look as splendid as your company. The logo is the key aspect of any brand’s identity. We have hunted down the web to find 20+ Premium Exquisite Crest Logos to help you get the ideal match for your brand. What’s better is that you can avoid all the stress and hassle just by