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Top 15 Javascript & CSS UI Frameworks 2017

We live in a century where programming has become the part and parcel of our lives. It is the era of computers and not a single day goes by without the use of the contraption. Be it the programming in mobile applications development or software application development, it is with the help of programming each

10 Best CRM & Project Management PHP Scripts

Looking for 10 Best CRM & Project Management PHP Scripts that you can use to design a dynamic website? By leveraging the top web application development, PHP remains as the key tool to convert any program into a web based application. The best part about the scripting language is that it is a free open

5 Best IDEs for WordPress Development

Just like a poet needs a pen, painter a paintbrush and carpenter a saw, WordPress developers need their own set of tools. When it comes to integrated development environments (IDEs), finding the right fit is really a constant process. Your options are practically unlimited, so it would be helpful to jot down your preferences and

15 Useful JavaScript and CSS Libraries for May 2017

High quality web design entails intuitive and user friendly interface and onscreen elements play a very important role. This is the reason why you will like these 15 useful JavaScript and CSS libraries for May 2017. Web designers are continuously looking for good collection of codes to make their work faster and easier. But, finding

15 Best Flexbox Grid Frameworks

When it comes to a responsive App or Website design, the grid is one of the most important aspects of your design. Earlier, simple CSS grids systems were used for website framework, but Flexbox is so much better– and simpler. With flexbox, we can center anything vertically or horizontally without using any hack. Additionally, there’s

10 Best Javascript Notification Libraries

The messages appearing on your screen, those are not a part of your system’s user interface, are termed as notifications. The notification first appears as a compact icon on the notification area and is need to be clicked upon to view its details. In general, a system or an application issues a notification at times

15 Modern jQuery File Upload Plugins

Adding the feature to upload the files on a web page is not difficult anymore since we have these 15 best jQuery file upload plugins. Yes, there was a time when you had to write tons of codes to add this functionality to any page, but no more. These jQuery plugins have been designed to