20 Best Social Media Banner Templates

This is an era of online promotion and people judge the success of a brand via the number of followers that particular brand has in their various social media accounts. The banner set on the business page of the social media sets the first impression on the people’s mind regarding the Business. The social media banners can be used as an advertising tool too by the Businesses. With the social media banner templates being so easily available you don’t even need to put too much of efforts for creating one.

 In order to increase your online presence the first thing that you need to do is choose the best social media banner templates and edit it as per your Business needs. Impress your social media followers and let the whole world know who you are and what your Business is all about just by adding an attractive banner on your social media business page. If you are searching for a creative and informative banner template for your various Business Social Media accounts like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus then check these amazing list of 20 Best Social Media Banner Templates.

Gain tons of subscribers with this exciting set of multipurpose YouTube channel banners. This set features ten unique styles with four different backgrounds and various color schemes. Download this package today to enjoy a sleek banner design in no time!

If you’re a gamer then you’ll definitely love this set of YouTube banners. This set features five modern layouts with a fresh new perspective on banner design. Get access to retina-ready designs you can easily edit, as well as free icons and fonts.

Create an exciting social media experience with this stellar banner pack. This pack features 12 fully editable banners that have been optimized for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. With over 100 stock photos included, you’ll be able to create exceptional imagery to keep your audience entertained.

Show the world you mean business with this professional Twitter header. This design features a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, with room to enter all your pertinent contact information. Get the best results for your campaign by downloading this banner today!

Build a successful gaming channel with this awesome YouTube banner. This banner features a sleek and sophisticated design with four different color options to choose from. This file also comes complete with a fully layered Photoshop file and access to resizable vectors.

Kick start your brand with one of these amazing premium YouTube banners. This package features incredible high-resolution designs in a variety of fun layouts. Download this set to get access to ten total designs along with free updates and fonts.

Create a cohesive look across several social media profiles with this Facebook and Instagram combo pack. This pack features ten gorgeous styles that work easily with Smart Objects for further customization. Simply insert your photos into these banners for instant results!

Instagram is all about great imagery. And you can create stunning banner designs with this huge bundle of 120 Instagram banners. This pack features exceptionally creative templates that are the perfect post size and super easy to edit. Download this pack to start your Instagram marketing campaign today!

If you’re not sure what kind of YouTube channel you’d like to create, then download this awesome pack of multipurpose YouTube banners. This set features ten elegant designs with completely different layouts, and access to free badges and fonts.

Get political with this professional social media template. This banner features five easily editable designs and a clean, modern layout that is sure to impress voters. Simply insert your favorite politician to take advantage of this awesome design today!

Multipurpose banners save you the hassle of creating designs specific to a certain genre. And with this incredible set, you’ll get access to ten quality banner designs featuring awesome aesthetics and vibrant colors. Simply change the photos with some of your own to customize these designs instantly.

Add a little texture to your timeline with this wicked set of Facebook covers. Designed to mimic a cool grunge effect, this set features 11 different Facebook covers with a variety of layout options. And with fully editable elements, you can change any banner, ribbon, or logo quickly and easily.

Make your Facebook stand out with this impressive collection of timeline covers. This pack features ten modern designs that focus on unique ways to display photo collages. Included in this file are ten fully layered Photoshop files and an additional help file for your convenience.

Feature an exciting collage for your Facebook cover today! This package includes two uniquely designed Photoshop files with Smart Objects you can easily interchange to fit the photos you need into your collage. Download this cover today to show off a collection of your best photos!

Upload an epic Twitter banner that matches your thoughtful tweets. This fresh design features a clean layout with room to post your favorite photos from all your adventures. Download this file today to get access to the third best selling Twitter background on GraphicRiver.

Create a color that matches the famous Facebook layout. This cool timeline features a sleek, modern design with angular elements you can easily adjust. Customize this cover with a few of your favorite photos to add personality to your timeline.

If you’re looking for a banner design that can be used across several channels then check out this awesome YouTube banner. This package features a fully editable Photoshop file that comes with three different color variations to choose from.

Nothing beats the fresh, clean look of modern design. This incredible set features four Photoshop files with unique minimalist designs you can use to show off all your interests. Impress your audience with these professional, high-quality banner designs.

Show off your love of design with this fun Twitter banner. This banner features a collage-inspired design that allows you to showcase your favorite work. Simply post your art or photos into the customizable Smart Objects to enjoy this banner in as little as a few minutes.

Show off your style with these exciting YouTube banner designs. This pack features six creative layouts you can use for nearly any genre. With high-resolution covers at 300 dpi and access to free fonts, you’ll be happy you downloaded this pack.