15 Awesome jQuery 360 Degree Image Rotation Plugins

Adding the 360 degree images has become quite a trend these days on the social media sites as well as other websites. If you are wondering how to add such a feature on your web page as well, you can make use of these 15 Awesome  jQuery 360 Degree Image Rotation Plugins 2017 we have listed for you. 360 degree is not just about the wide-angle, panoramic view of a landscape; it is about having the capability to view the surrounding as if you were in the middle of it. The way you would swivel on your feet to see what is behind you, you could use the mouse to rotate the image and see it from every angle.

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360 degree images are not just for amusement; they can also be used for commercial purposes. For instance, a real-estate owner would like to offer a complete view of the area so that the customers can get a clear idea of what they are putting their money into. An amusement park could use this feature to lure more customers. A number of news channels are now providing the 360 view to help the viewers have better understanding. 360 degree images are a new trend and it is going to stay.

Easy 360° Product Viewer


Easy 360° Product Viewer it?s a a rich-feature and unique tool with a fully responsive layout which allows to display a large number of images from different angles of a 2D or 3D product offering control over the layout in the way that pleases you most, allowing the user to rotate, pan or zoom the images. Additionally it has an awesome feature called deep zooming, when the image is zoomed it can be viewed in great detail by loading a more detailed version of the image this way allowing the usage of high resolution images without compression.

360° Panoramic Image Viewer

360° Panoramic Viewer takes static panorama photography & images and uses JQuery to add hotspots, rotation and scrolling for an ultra realistic viewing experience.

To bring life to your static panorama photographs, our 360° Panoramic Viewer jQuery plugin is the answer you have been looking for. Manipulating your original photography with jQuery so that your end user has the most immersive user experience possible, our plugin allows you to give users a full 360° right and left rotation and provides extra functionality enabling hotspots via linking a <map> element to the image without any extra configuration required.


Rollerblade lets you easily create interactive 360º image rotators, and other cool image effects.

jQuery Threesixty

jQuery.threesixty is a jQuery plugin that turns an array of images into a 360 degrees interactive view that can be rotated.

MINI 360 Degrees Viewer

It is a lightweight and easy to use plugin which help you to display your images, products from 360 degree angle. This plugin is responsive and comes with preload animations and small code improvements.


Reel is an established and the most versatile three-sixty player for jQuery. Teaches your ordinary image tag some new tricks turning it into a gorgeous interactive 360° object movie, panorama or stop-motion animation.


With Expo360° you take showcasing products on your website to the next level. Your customer not only gets a better look and feel of the product that you are presenting, it also is a cool feature on your website that will blow everyone away!

Threesixty Slider

This is a jQuery plugin to create 360 degree product image slider. The plugin is fully customizable with number of options provided. The plugin have the power to display images in any angle 360 degrees. This feature can be used successfully in many use cases e.g. on an e-commerce site to help customers look products in detail, from any angle they desire.


By using View360 it’s easy to show any product in 3D of 360 degree rotation. It’s responsive and support all mayor devices and browsers. View360 is built for both: professional ecommerce industry and small online stores. Preloader, simple navigation, automated rotation, inertia, are only few of many options available for fine tuning the product view and behavior. Make outstanding view of an product using three simple steps: 1.Capture, 2.Upload and 3. Connect your product directory to View360.

WebGL Based Multi-Purpose 360°

WebGL Based Multi-Purpose 360° Panoramic Script is a Three js, Jquery based panorama picture viewer. WebGL is one of the best solution for 3d graphics. Here is the working concept of this script. This script transforming your panorama image into a 3D globe. And placed camera inside the core. With your mouse you can move your camera and then watching panorama 3D globe. Also this script has a pointer class which can describe pointed elements. It also has supporting cross browser and fits for any screen size of mobiles, tablets and desktops which enable WebGL support. Multi-Purposely is suitable for online touring through the parks, peeks, mountains, lakes, cities, villages, sports, castles, churches, indoors and any other miscellaneous.


Panoramic is a jQuery plugin for view and rotation Google Street View panorams.

360 Degree Image slider

360 Degree Image slider has been created by using JS, CSS and a pre-rendered image sequence, which enables the user to drag and spin the 3D object around its y-axis using simple mouse or touch events.


AJAX-ZOOM is a unique “Flash” free tool to present 360°/ 3D product images on the web. Users can rotate 360° object (the sprite contains a set of single images), also on Z-axis (3D multirow) and additionally deep zoom on every frame. The adoption of image tiles technology (image pyramid) allows utilizing high resolution images without compression rates which would destroy the image quality.

jQuery Image Cube

A jQuery plugin that sets a division to rotate between images (or other things) as if they were on the faces of a cube.

360 Virtual Tour

The 360 Virtual Tour is a responsive javascript plugin for displaying 360 degree virtual tours directly in the Browser. Now there is no need to segregate the 6 side of panoramic photo. Using 360 Virtual Tour you can use just One 360×180 panoramic photo for making a virtual tour. 360 Virtual Tour is simple to use. All changes you can do on index.html file. You don’t need to have advanced programming knowlage for making a Virtual Tour. You can link the URL of your panoramic photo, link audio file and turn on or off auto scroll option.