15 Awesome Animation Tools and Templates for Adobe After Effects

We love animation, don’t we? The only thing we don’t love about animation is that it is a highly arduous and time-taking process to make them. Are you looking to give your video project an eye-catching look but short on time?  Fret not! After Effects templates will help you improve your video project quickly and easily.

With access to Adobe After Effects animation templates, you will find it much easier to make top-quality video content. Owing it to these exclusive set of tools and templates, Adobe After Effects has become the most preferred choice of animators and film-makers– both amateurs and professionals alike.

Developed by Adobe, this amazing editing application is ideal for creating animations, motion pictures, and visual effects. With these tools, you can turn your video project into something more than your video camera can capture. Use them to discover your creative side and channel your inner artist to create something edgy.

Here we’ve rounded up 15 extraordinary Animation Tools and Templates for Adobe After Effects that you can use for free!  You can tweak them a bit as per you liking to create your own custom animations too.  From Hand Draw Motion Clips to Freeze Frames, these Adobe After Effects templates can add an extra punch to any project.

Freeze Frames: Comic Pack V2

Use it for movie intros, Youtube-Channel-Clips, Home-Videos, Student projects or just for fun to impress your friends. Placeholders are the video footage: simply replace and move it into the desired position to achieve the perfect freeze frame effect. Use the Shape Mask tool to reveal the background to increase awe-effect and impact!

Shapes, Shapes, Shapes: It’s Just Begun

In case you didn’t guess from the title, this template is all about the shapes – over 100 of them, in fact. Get your geometric funk on in a variety of styles and colours.

This pack contains 30 hand-drawn clips which will add charm and whimsy to any production. Really easy to use, simply drag and drop onto your footage for an instant effect.

Transitions just not flash enough for you? Wish you could show your edits in a new light? Have I run out of light puns? You bet. This download is strangely hypnotic and fully customisable.

With more than 170 hand-drawn FX-animations, you won’t be stuck for inspiration with this pack. Reminiscent of Studio Ghibli, the animations are beautifully created and will add punch to any project.

Dynamic Cartoon FX is the toolkit for motion designers and 2d animators. The pack contains After Effects project with more than 100 cartoon customisable FX-animations. You can change almost all settings and create unique animations.

With 12 transitions and 12 seamless looping backgrounds, there are so many possible combinations with this pack. Add movement and colour to your project quickly and easily.

2D Cartoon FX transports me straight back to Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. Add some retro 2D FX with an updated, modern twist, to your project, and let the nostalgia flow.

If you couldn’t get enough of 2D Cartoon FX, then you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a second installment, hurrah! So what’s new? The electricity pack, containing 150 new effects, which are customisable.

Sophisticated and useful, the Future Camera HUD Elements Pack is great for instructional videos, game previews and much more. The pack includes several interfaces, tracking targets and loading elements, to give you plenty of room for adjustment to suit your project.

Adding analog artifacts like light leaks and bokeh can give your video or animation a subtle, but powerful, feeling of authorship. With a simple drag and drop, you can add stunning light effects to your project, either alone or in combination with one another.

Pez dispensers, questionable perms, the Walkman… this pack, thankfully, has no trace of these 80s ‘classics’. What it does have, are some great, loopable backgrounds that will whisk you back to the days of Tron.

8BitToons is an arcade lover’s dream. The download contains a bundle of a whopping 735 animations to add a retro look with modern dynamics into your project.

With 400 effects, 24 transitions, 20 lower-thirds and 40 motion elements, this huge bundle is all you need to add an animated look to your project. All elements are vector, so you can scale without losing quality.

Glitch Theory contains 864 glitch elements, 28 overlays, 39 light leaks, 28 TV noises and an intro template. The elements are easy to customize, but the download comes with a helpful tutorial video if you get stuck.