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20 Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers July 2017

Web development service is booming among the many new and highly profitable business sectors in the World Wide Web. Well unquestionably, the technology has brought a huge change in the business field through the internet. The design of your website is an important task in order to have more success over the internet. It is… Read More »

20 Best Visual Composer Add-ons & Extensions of 2017

Visual Composer was the first ever WordPress add-on for developing web pages that support plug-ins or extensions. Visual Composer started becoming more and more popular since early 2011 when a top marketplace officially published about it. Even though more than 500,000+ websites are using this plug-in at present, the fact that it is a paid… Read More »

5 Best IDEs for WordPress Development

Just like a poet needs a pen, painter a paintbrush and carpenter a saw, WordPress developers need their own set of tools. When it comes to integrated development environments (IDEs), finding the right fit is really a constant process. Your options are practically unlimited, so it would be helpful to jot down your preferences and… Read More »