10 Amazing Photoshop Templates That Every Designer Should Own

Photoshop templates are an incredible way of transforming your pictures instantly into something unique and eye-catching that evokes drama.

For photography projects that need quick processing, Photoshop templates can turn out to be a huge blessing for them. It is a great timesaving method and you can also consider using them at the initial draft stages when you want to experiment with various photo effects quickly without having to put too much effort.

Photoshop itself is perfectly tuned for giving your photos that extra edge, but sometimes you need a bit more extra as a helping hand. These 10 amazing Photoshop templates, from Vintage-style Template to The Soft Focus Template and everything in between, will give you a head start to creating that perfect photo album.

This set of 10 scintillating and versatile Photoshop templates is a great way to start building up your Photoshop template collection. Some of them are so good that you will keep coming back to them time and time again and the rest are also equally awesome– you will be more than happy to have them to hand when you want to be little more artistic and creative.

Here we have dished out 10 best Photoshop templates that every designer should own. Read on to find out how to transform photos into spectacular works of art.

A vintage template is a nifty little tool to have to hand. You can achieve the authentic aged look in an instant, adding retro character to modern digital photos.

Painterly, artistic templates are perfect for softening harsh images—muting overly bright colors and giving photos a dreamy, ethereal look. If you’re creating images for game design, they look really cool, helping characters and landscapes to look dreamlike and slightly abstract.

Arguably the most useful template you’ll ever own, a good framing template will make creating mock-up images a breeze. These templates set your selected image(s) in a picture frame, in a domestic, office or gallery setting.

Ever wanted to make your photos look like something straight out of a music video or art exhibition?  A double exposure template takes inspiration from a photography technique in which two photos are exposed in a single frame of film. The final result is incredibly unique and interesting.

Comic book art is enjoying a resurgence across the design board, in part due to the widespread popularity of Marvel movies. A comic book Photoshop template takes your realist photos and transforms them into hand-drawn comic strips.

Ever wondered if there is a glitch in the Matrix? Well, whether you have or not, it’s no bad idea to have a crystal glitch Photoshop template up your sleeve.

Sometimes you want your images to have that extra ‘wow’ factor—something really creative, special, and unique. Artistic paint-splash templates transform your photos into works of art, which make stunning additions to poster or flyer designs, but look equally striking alone.

A polaroid template adds instant retro appeal to any image, and is a great style for adding interest to family photos or portraits. Why not customise images as polaroids and upload them to social media for an old-fashioned take on an Instagram-worthy style.

A soft focus template is one of those PS tools that you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again. Applying a soft focus to a photo is universally flattering, softening harsh lines and tones and bathing images in a soft glow.

When it feels as if the whole world only wants photos that wouldn’t look out of place on Instagram, do you resist or give in? If you’re in the latter camp, you’re going to want to make a color filter template your new best friend.