Month: March 2017

20 Fresh Resources for Web Developers -March 2017

Due to the popularity of digitalization now-a-days one can find so many fresh resources for web developers easily on the internet. These days the career as a web developer is at boom and thus all the web developers keeps on searching for fresh resources so that they can create each website differently. In order to

30 Mobile Login and Signup Forms For Your Inspiration

Mobile apps these days are flooded with login forms asking the users various questions related to their location, contact details, their shopping behavior etc. All these information helps the mobile app owner to create a better user experience. These days most of the eCommerce website have their own mobile apps and those who don’t have

10 Best Restaurant App Templates

The reason why people love to keep a smartphone with them is that with it they can have access to so many apps. Be it for the ticketing purpose, searching, entertainment or any other thing smartphone has become everyone’s savior. The trend of dining out has increased so much that it also gave birth to

30+ Best Epic Tattoo Fonts

No matter whether you are getting your tattoo done for the very first time or you are a pro at it, picking up the perfect font and tattoo design always takes lot of time. If you are a tattoo lover then you would also be constantly in search of the best tattoo fonts.  To make

10 Best Website Building Platforms for 2017

In this digital world finding various website building platforms is not a very hectic task, infact you can find the internet flooded with platforms and tools for building website. But there is a difference between below average website building platform and top –of-the-line platform. If you are the one searching for Best Website Building Platforms

40+ Best Church WordPress Themes for 2017

Here in this post we are sharing with you 40+ best church WordPress themes for 2017. In any of the religious website organization there are few features that are common like the event management, donation widgets, audio posts, social media accounts etc. The premium church WordPress themes should have these features like the readability, minimalism

20 Best Social Media Banner Templates

This is an era of online promotion and people judge the success of a brand via the number of followers that particular brand has in their various social media accounts. The banner set on the business page of the social media sets the first impression on the people’s mind regarding the Business. The social media

15 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes for Creatives

If you are working as a creative be it a website designer, photographer, painter, the first thing that you need to get clients is an attractive portfolio. Whenever a client hires any creative professional, first he wants to see the previous work and the best way for a creative professional to showcase his work is