10 Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Google has always been a brilliant platform for solving the entire web problem for people who are handling online hosting platforms. Whether it is creating a good website commerce platform or keeping a check on the regular activities of your online business. Google has never let down anyone with its applauding characteristics and fantastic features. There are many resources served by Google to keep a track of your online website and portals. Goggle analytics is one to name among them. Google analytics is well known resource regarding checking website viewers.

It is a totally free of cost-effective told to critically analyze the reach and SEO of your website. Whether you are a blogger, website owner or you have your own online company, it is necessary to analyze your website data in order to make it appear on any search engine. It keeps a track of all those people who view your website, use the goods and services offered by you and so on. As everything on the new media has its pros and cons. Google analytics also has some cons like data limitation, tough user interface and limited features compared to other alternatives available in market.


Here are some of the substitutes for Google analytics you can give a try.


Reinvigorate alternative to Google providing many of the same features and a few additional ones. Reinvigorate offers real-time page analysis, a desktop program called Snoop that allows site owners to receive instant notification of all activity on the site, a NameTags feature providing user names and visit data for hits, and heatmaps showing where people actually click on the page.


Kissmetrics provides powerful insights that now drives our decision-making process. We saw a 30% increase in conversions by utilizing their tool.


FoxMetrics is another Google Analytics alternative providing a wide range of options under a variety of pricing packages. Again, you get a ‘no credit card required’ 14-day free trial, and packages start at just $20 for a Small package with 100,000 Requests, email support, unlimited applications, unlimited users, error tracking, and custom events.


Mint is a simple alternative to Analytics. The setup is simple, the interface is simple, and report generating is simple. Rather than paying a monthly fee, users pay a one-time $30 licensing fee per site to download and use the current version with updates available free or at a low cost.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is an open source alternative to Google Analytics. It has the same look and feel as Google and provides many of the same features. A main benefit is this service is free as owners use it under the GPL v2 License. There are no logging limits and one can track an unlimited number of websites. It tracks site usage statistics, conversion statistics, and events.


Clicky is a free, easy-to-use alternative analytics tool with additional features available at various price points. The free account offers common features such as content, search, referral tracking, and individual user events tracking.


Mixpanel is a Google alternative providing event analytics and management. Businesses and website owners are turning to people management more and more as a way to build the best customer base and raise conversion rates. Seeing what customers do on a website, rather than just how many times they visit or where they come from, provides a much better picture of the customers’ needs.


Chartbeat is a pay-as-you-go Google Analytics alternative, meaning site owners never sign a contract and can cancel anytime. Chartbeat is hip and rolling with the new age data trends by showing site owners real time stats so they can react to what is going on right now and see instant results.

Adobe Web Analytics

Adobe Web Analytics is a Google Analytics alternative that gives website owners a more thorough look at their total marketing plan and how their customers are reacting to it. Analysis tools allow users to see and react on key performance indicators by viewing customer loyalty and purchasing metrics in a useful way.


Inspectlet provide site owners a visitor oriented analytics alternative with brand new technology – recordings of site use through the eyes of the visitor. The free plan allows 100 session recordings giving site owners a never-before-seen view of their site from the visitor’s perspective. Using this data, owners can raise conversion rates by focusing sales copy and tasks in the areas visitors see most often.