10+ Best Food Delivery WordPress Themes

Due to the hectic lifestyle these days, it has become very difficult for people to do all their chores by themselves. Especially cooking food becomes one of the biggest problems for today’s generation. People prefer food delivery online rather than going to the kitchen and cooking for themselves. Reason for this is that they look

10 Plugins for Customizing the WordPress Admin

The reason why WordPress is one of the most used CMS across the world is because it’s very easily customizable and very simple to use. Even a WordPress beginner can easily add, rearrange or hide items from the menu. There are so many plugins and themes available for customizing and enhancing the look of the

20+ Best Vlogs or Video Networks WordPress Themes

Vlogging is the hottest division of the blogging world. Video blogging allows bloggers to better connect with their readers, build more trust, and provide more value to their followers. If you haven’t created your own video-blog before, now is probably a good time. We have gotten to a point that writing articles is not enough

Top 15 Javascript & CSS UI Frameworks 2017

We live in a century where programming has become the part and parcel of our lives. It is the era of computers and not a single day goes by without the use of the contraption. Be it the programming in mobile applications development or software application development, it is with the help of programming each

10 Best CRM & Project Management PHP Scripts

Looking for 10 Best CRM & Project Management PHP Scripts that you can use to design a dynamic website? By leveraging the top web application development, PHP remains as the key tool to convert any program into a web based application. The best part about the scripting language is that it is a free open

20 Best Visual Composer Add-ons & Extensions of 2017

Visual Composer was the first ever WordPress add-on for developing web pages that support plug-ins or extensions. Visual Composer started becoming more and more popular since early 2011 when a top marketplace officially published about it. Even though more than 500,000+ websites are using this plug-in at present, the fact that it is a paid

20+ Best Flat Design, Modern WordPress Themes for 2017

Flat website design enables your brand to stand out without all the extras in your website. In spite of the absence of extra embellishments, the flat design still looks attractive and appealing. Flat design theme’s simple and incredibly straightforward design allows you to clearly communicate your message to your target audience. Flat design themes are

15 Best HTML5 Audio Players for Developers

As far as web designing trends are concerned, HTML5 is a leading trend this year and rightfully so. HTML5 is an advanced version of old HTML for developing and publishing content on the web. It has cool new features including Audio/Video support. It’s exciting and easy to use and better than any other version that

12 Awesome CSS Button Libraries & Collections

CSS buttons, whatever their purpose, play an important role in web designing. They could be used at the endpoint of a Web form, to add products to shopping carts, as a call to action or to learn more about a service. Designers have many reasons to add stunning buttons, including to make them more attractive